About Holden


Holden Buckner is a professional pilot and a mergers and acquisitions specialist. Buckner is passionate about planes and flying and enjoys sharing it with others whether its his friends and family or with a stranger who needs help. Along with flying to commute and for pleasure, Buckner works with Angel Flight and other charities helping people with their commutes to the hospital.

Holden often lends his pilot services to Paws-n- pilots and Pug Rescue of Austin in order to save these dogs from kill shelters.

Holden often lends his pilot services to Paws-n- pilots and Pug Rescue of Austin in order to save these dogs from kill shelters.

Buckner grew up in Texas and raised his daughter, Jasmine, in Seattle and Arizona. He also has a son who lives in Arizona. Now that Jasmine is grown with her own two children, Buckner moved into a condo on Lake Travis in Lago Vista about an 45 minutes from Austin. His home is close enough to Austin, where he often goes for work, and just ten minutes from the airfield.

Buckner, like many pilots he later found, was first inspired to fly from watching the movie Top Gun. Over the next few years, Buckner spent a lot of time flying remote controlled airplanes and attending air shows with his children. He always wanted to fly, but it was at an airshow with his young family that Buckner finally made the decision to learn to fly.

Flight school was a great experience for Buckner, he immediately fell in love with flying. After a year of flight school and over 80 hours of flying with an instructor Buckner got his license.

He is now a very experienced pilot after years of flying three to four times a week. Besides the love of flying, Buckner has found that flying has really come in handy with business. His proximity to the airfield and the ability to fly himself has allowed him to commute to other cities for business much more quickly than driving, which leaves him with more time to prepare. He also enjoys exposing his friends and family to the experience, even taking people to lunch in other states on occasion.

Buckner is very proud of his plane, the 1970 Bellanca Viking. Considered the Corvette of airplanes, the┬ádesigner of the super Viking was Italian although the airplane was manufactured in Texas. This powerful plane packs 300 horsepower, flies at about 180 miles per hour, has a fast roll rate and handles like a dream. Most modern planes are made from aluminum but the Bellanca is handmade from wood giving it the craftsman feel. Known for their attention to detail, aircraft built with that design were designated the “A” series “Super Vikings”.