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Holden Buckner Flies over Austin at Sunset

In the following video, Holden Buckner flies his Bellanca Viking airplane over the lovely Austin, Texas area at sunset.

Holden Buckner Flies Over Austin, Texas at Sunset from Holden Buckner on Vimeo.

Holden often enjoys taking his airplane for a joy ride through the sky for the views, the peaceful time for contemplation, and the exhilaration of flying through the open sky to wherever he chooses.

Here is a still of his recent adventure.


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Holden Soars Through Fog

In this video, Holden Buckner flies his personal plane, a Bellanca Super Viking 8790V, through the fog to soar above the clouds.

Holden Departs Cameron Airport in Austin

In this video, Holden Buckner flies his Bellanca Super Viking 8790V out of Austin from Cameron Airport on December 5th.

Austin Pilots Cameron Flyin departure 12-05-15 from Holden Buckner on Vimeo.

Fly-by Rusty Allen Airport

In the following video, Holden Buckner flies by Rusty Allen Airport in Lago Vista, Texas in his 1970 Bellanca Viking. The designer of the super Viking was Italian but the airplane was manufactured right in Texas. With 300 horsepower it can fly at about 180 miles per hour.

Rusty Allen Fly-By from Holden Buckner on Vimeo.

Holden Buckner In a B-17

Holden Buckner had the delight to fly in a real, restored B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber. This plane has four engine which was designed by Boeing in the 1930s for the Army Air Corps. Over the years, Boeing was able to modify and improve the plane in order to turn it into the strategic tool that it became for the Allied Forces.

Part of its impressive abilities were the range at which it could fly and deliver its payload. This long distance bomber could fly high, and defend itself against enemy units. It also proved itself as after serious battle damage. Being able to fly in such a storied aircraft was an enormous pleasure for Holden! This was one of only 10 models that remain flying today, but it was not a combat veteran from war time.

A little known fact about the B-17 was that the Royal Air Force of Britain actually got use out of the aircraft before the U.S. ever did. When England entered the war, it did so without a medium sized long range bomber. Early in 1941 England came to an agreement with the U.S.A.A.C. to receive 20 early prototype B-17s that were quickly nicknamed Fortress I’s. After some initial field testing in real combat, the RAF sent back some modification recommendations for improved handling and performance to Boeing. As the war progressed the RAF transitioned their preference for a bomber to the Short Stirling, but their early use was greatly helpful to the allied cause later on.

See the impressive, full flight video and view of inside the plan below:

Holden Buckners Flight in a B-17 from Holden Buckner on Vimeo.

Fourth of July With The GrandKids!

Holden had the pleasure of spending the holiday weekend with his grandchildren earlier this month. Here is a short video of them flying in the backseat of the Super Viking

Flying Over Lake Travis

Holden Buckner flies his 1970 Bellanca Super Viking over his lake house at Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. Listen closely to the engine churning as it sounds like an old war plane flying through the air.

The Super Viking is a wood framed vehicle which gives Holden great control and allows for higher speed than a metallic body frame. The wooden frame also allows for more of a flex and recovery within the wings during times of rough air. This allows for a much smoother ride than other alternatives.

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Welcome to Holden Buckner’s Flying blog! Tune in to learn more about him and his recent trips.